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Founded in 1851, Robert Mitchell was a pioneer in the manufacturing of metal products in Canada. Here is a brief summary of our company's history.

 - Mr. Robert Mitchell was born in Scotland

1848 - Mr. Robert Mitchell reached the city of Quebec from Glasgow aboard the S.S. “John McKenzie”.

1851 - After he worked 3 years at the foundries Bryson and Ferrier in Montreal, he founded the Robert Mitchell Co.  (corner of Craig et St. Peter streets) ……St-Antoine &  St-Pierre

      • Plumbing and gas fitting

      • Railway

      • Gas and Electric light fixture

      • Brass, cooper, nickel and silver plating

      • “Montreal Brass Works”

1853 - The Grand Trunk Railway opened its line from Montreal to Portland

1860 - The great Victoria Bridge over St. Lawrence River was opened by the Prince of Wales

1876 - Alexander Graham Bell produced the telephone

1884 - The streets of Montreal themselves was lighted by electricity (Mitchell products)

1886 - New plant were constructed at St.Cunegonde (Dominion, Albert and Delisle streets)

1896 - Mr. Robert Mitchell died. The company was taken over by his son R.R.Mitchell

1903 - The St.Cunegonde factory caught fire and was completely devastated. A temporary factory was used on Nazareth street.

1905 - New plant was built on an area in St-Henri district bordered by Belair Avenue, Rose de Lima, St. James and St. Antoine streets.

1927 - Mitchell’s acquired The Garth Company founded in 1828.

1929 - New plant was opened at St.Laurent – west building ( it was the most modern foundry in Canada)

1942 - New plant in St.Laurent – east building (to produce brass cartridge case munition for the World War II – over 4,000 workers)

1950 - New building to connect east and west building together in St-Laurent for aluminum windows   (actually Mitchell Industrial)

19XX - Acquisitions of Liquid Carbonic, Prowse, Douglas Brothers, Canadian Cabinet (Microzone) by Mitchell

2000 - MARSHALL BARWICK bought Robert Mitchell in October.


Robert Mitchell divisions before 2000:

  • Mitchell Foundry...now Mitchell Aerospace Inc. / same location 350 Decarie

  • Mitchell Industrial….now Robert Mitchell Inc

  • Garth….still operates in Toronto

  • Microzone…still operates in Ottawa

  • Douglas Brothers USA…still operates in Portland, Maine, USA

  • Douglas Bro. Stainless steeel piping division....merge with Henderson Barwick  - now “Douglas Barwick” / Boisbriand (Québec) & Brockville (Ontario)

  • Douglas Brothers – Pressure vessel division : no activity

  • Prowse... no activity